About Us

Welcome to Artomya, a unique Russian piano school unlike any other piano tutelage in California.

Our non-traditional, creative approach tailors our lessons to each student’s unique personality. Our students achieve the same results in ONE year that most can only achieve in FIVE IN ANY AGE GROUP.

Our proven methodology gives your child the best chance to reach their full potential.

By implementing ear training, singing, composition and theory the student will acquire skills that no other piano teacher offers, and receive the most rounded piano education that money can buy.



We know that not all kids will respond to the same kind of piano teacher. We have an individual approach to each student that suits their personality and style of learning.

The right teacher makes all the difference between climbing the peaks or giving up

Connecting students with their dream piano teacher, selected from the finest pianists trained in the most prestigious conservatories in the world.

Blending hard work with fun and games. You will improvise, sing, play, and compose, as you delve into the structure of each piece.

Developing a genuine love for the piano by introducing you to theory, solfeggio, improvisation, & singing with each lesson, helping you to feel and understand the music.

Learning different technical tricks will enable you to perform serious pieces and win competitions, which could lead to university acceptance in the future.


Accompanying violinists, cellists, singers, and other professional musicians that regularly collaborate with us, you will play in a chamber music setting.

Succeeding. With us, you will be eligible for numerous awards and certificates, including; Golden Key Association, where winners perform at Carnegie Hall in New York.


Our Students Are Winner Of

Our Students are wonderful. Here are some of their Stories

Hi! Still have Questions?

Where do lessons take place?

We offer classes on the week days and on weekends. You can have a lesson at the convenience of your own house or come to our studio. Call for details: (949) 899-3627

Can I cancel a lesson?

We encourage you to do your best not to cancel your lessons and reschedule them at your convenience.Having theory,harmony,singing and composition incorporated into one hour lesson a week makes it very difficult for a student to keep up with a curriculum if they skip or cancel their lesson.Therefore, we do our utmost best to accomodate your situation and ask for your cooperation and understanding of our teachers’ commitment to you.

Can we participate in cometitions and recitals?

We hold studio recitals several times a year and collaborate with many prestigious music organizations.
Our recent successful performances in South California were held in Piano Empire Megastore of Anaheim and Fields Pianos home of Steinway in Santa Ana that offer incredible selections of instruments of superb caliber.
Our students appreciate the opportunity of performing on these high quality pianos which refines their taste and appreciation of the fine sound.
We perform on most prestigious stages of United States such as : Carnegie hall, Kimmel center, Moscow,Kiev and Novosibirsk conservatories, Julliard school of Music, Rowan and Temple Universities,among others.