Welcome to Artomya, a unique Russian piano school unlike any other piano tutelage in California.

Our non-traditional, creative approach tailors our lessons to each student’s unique personality. Our students achieve the same results in ONE year that most can only achieve in FIVE IN ANY AGE GROUP.

Our proven methodology gives your child the best chance to reach their full potential.

By implementing ear training, singing, composition and theory the student will acquire skills that no other piano teacher offers, and receive the most rounded piano education that money can buy.

High success rate

Through mastering both traditional and modern music, our students have won the most prestigious international competitions, allowing them to perform at world-famous institutions, such as Carnegie Hall, Kimmel Center, Julliard School of music,Curtis Institute, Shanghai Concert Hall and Walt Disney Hall.


Raising professionals

Over 20 years of tutelage, Artomya Music School has successfully helped 85 percent of its students to earn highly coveted scholarships, with many going on to become industry professionals.

We invite children (3+) for a free 30-minute lesson!